Antique Stamps

Simply put, antique or vintage stamp is any postage that is not in current usage and circulation. According to other antique experts, a stamp more than 100 years old can qualify as an antique collectible; it also depends on the postal service history of a particular region or country. The value of these stamps is determined by the age, parameters such as misprints, national or international stamp, do not affect the value.

These antique stamps are not only a prized collectible, but also provide an important insight into the historical background of the period they belong to. Buyers can get to know the engraving and printing techniques, tourist patterns, advertising trends by studying these stamps.

Types of antique Stamps

  • Postal stamps
  • Stamps commemorating a particular occasion-Olympics, independence day etc.
  • Decorative stamps- special holiday stamps or with some intricate work.

Types of antique Stamps

There is a growing interest among buyers for collecting national and international stamps. These stamps are generally bought as an addition to personal stamp collection. The market for vintage stamps is also growing because of the fact that they not only fascinate the buyers but are also easy to find. Buyers can get genuine stamps from antique dealers in various countries, renowned antique dealers post their collection on the official websites to fasten the purchase process and also for the ease of customers.

Rare postage stamps or antique stamps collecting are a life-long passion for those who know the real value of things. You don't just buy collectible stamps - you invest money and knowledge into your own antique fund — philatelic collection. The latest economic trends show that even the most trusted banks can fall, the most profitable companies can get bankrupt but old and rare postage stamps are still getting more and more valuable. The most interesting fact about rare stamp collections is that no crisis will ever damage this industry.

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