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As time revolves, world is continually facing changes; most of the things which were in use at early times can be hardly seen now. But there is always craze for things of the past. Antiques are collection of old items that are available in less numbers. In other words, Antiques are unique collection of age-old objects. According to US government, an article can be called as antique only if it is minimum 100 years old.

Antiques can be furniture, fine-detailed show pieces, precious stones, war weapons, stamps, coins and much more Supply is inversely proportional to demand. Antiques are not an exception to that. Antique items have their own demand across the globe. It increases their value. Their cost is indeterminable. These are the only things in whose cost increases as they get aged. Coins dating back centuries are made from metals like silver, gold. These coins have a great market value in international market. Jewels worn by royal princess has its followers. Precious gems like ruby, diamond, emerald, pearl make women across the globe go crazy.

Antique collection is a hobby for many. Many have it as a practice of buying historic articles and selling them once they are getting bored. If you are a one such person and is search of a place to sell your antique collections at a reasonable price, then your one stop solution is Swis Metallica. We can assure that you that you will get the best price in the market for your antique collections, we know the value of the product.


Antique hand clock

The word antique is derived from the Latin word antiques. It means old, ancient. The term "antique" refers to articles that date centuries back. In 1930, United States of America declared that an article can be called as antique only if it dates atleast a century back.



Silver antique

Antique meals like Gold, Silver and Copper have been using for centuries to manufacture a large number of products that is been using for both commercial and individual usage. These Antique metals have been created the Antique in jewelry, furniture, Ornaments, and much more.



antique diamond stone

In this universe the types of stones can be classifieds into N+1 to the basic stone. Among all countries across the world India possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional stones that have been having a great demand in this sector and that is quite developed and vibrant in the south as well as north. Here we take you through how the stones are forming in this universe.